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Work work work [Aug. 15th, 2007|09:26 pm]
[Mood: |lazylazy]
[Music: |"Ring of Fire" -Social Distortion]

So work started pfficially on Monday.
I've worked 8 hours a day these past couple of days and will the rest of the week except for Saturday.
Next week who knows...maybe i'll get 48 hours again...meh.

It's kinda boring and all but hey, a job is a job.
Can't expect it all to be fun.. I still need to get adjusted...and besides money is money, right?


[User Picture]From: stephers132007
2007-08-17 02:01 am (UTC)
I'm still working on getting a job...fucking a!

Congrats on the cash though!
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[User Picture]From: xx_hate_me_xx
2007-08-19 04:09 am (UTC)
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